Cause and Direct offers services that help non-profits develop sustainable revenue through the identification, development and management of directory, product, event, and sponsorship opportunities. Read More



Matthew and Michael bring a unique blend of Internet experience to Cause and Direct, including search engine optimization, online advertising, social media, mobile media, and directory marketing expertise. Read More

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Whether you are a non-profit looking for Cause Marketing services, or an organization interested in being listed as a trusted resource in an existing Cause directory, just give us a call or shoot us an email and we’ll help you get started! Read More



Interested in developing sustainable revenue streams to energize the ability of your Cause to do good? Want to give your members and supporters easy access to valuable resources they need? Yup, that’s our mission.

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For Non-Profits

How Cause and Direct Helps Non Profits

You work hard to do good and your supporters are right there in the trenches with you, rallying for your Cause. Revenue is necessary for your Cause’s success, but fundraising is a constant burden. Cause And Direct works with you to develop sustainable revenue streams for your Cause to ensure you always meet your goals.

How Our Directories Work

Our directories create a non-conventional and ongoing source of revenue. We create a win-win-win, by helping your cause, your members and the professionals and companies that have resources, services and products that are important to your cause’s members. Through our directories, members contact providers directly via their mobile device. This empowers your supporters and members to reach out to the providers they need. The mobile directory we build for you facilitates the exchange of ideas and support and you generate revenue from the companies and professionals subscribing to be listed in the online mobile directory that we build for you.

Why Social Media is Important

People are turning to social media sites like Facebook to share their knowledge, seek information, and to find others who have questions or the answers. Cause and Direct will help you harness the power of social media to further your Cause’s success.

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  • Michael Monheit

    Founder, Cause And Direct
    I am excited to take my 20 years of Internet experience and finally start applying it to an effort of doing well by doing good. As a parent who has experienced first hand the angst of seeking resources for a child with special needs, I know how hard it is to find the “go to” resources. My wife and I almost always found that the best answers came in the generous form of kind and helpful and advice from parents who had blazed trails before us. I have always wanted to honor the help we have received as parents of a child with special needs by helping others who are in need now. Cause and Direct is born of that desire. Our directories provide access to the Preferred and Referred(tm) professionals. Cause and Direct’s purpose is to create sustainable sources of revenue for non-profits. It feels right to take my skills in the field on Internet marketing and apply them to ends that will help non-profit causes grow and prosper.
  • Causes and Directories

    Cleft Lip and Palate Foundation of Smiles


    CLAPFOS Resource Directory


    Using Our Directories

    Using a Cause And Direct resource directory is super easy: you just enter the directory link into your browser on any device (desktop or mobile) and then click on the buttons on the directory home page that match the action you’d like to take.

    Directory FAQs

    To help you learn how to use a Cause And Direct resource directory, we’ve put together this great FAQ section full of popular questions and their easy to understand answers, so you’re enjoying the benefits of the directory in no time!

    Become a Subscriber

    If you are interested in getting your organization listed in one of our Cause And Direct resource directories, please contact us and let us know how we can reach you, and we’ll give you a call to discuss the opportunity!

  • Matthew Perlman

    Founder, Cause And Direct
    The opportunity to bring resources to families that are genuinely looking for information, support and answers equals fulfillment. Cause and Direct was created to be exactly that. Fulfillment. We intend on seeing this company be the driving force behind communities getting answers and non-profits gaining awareness.
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